Self-Deception Is The Root Of All Alcoholic Behavior

Kohdi Rayne
2 min readOct 23, 2022

Self-deception involves persuading oneself that one’s situation is deteriorating when, in reality, it has significantly improved.

Beyond Sober | Self-Deception Is The Root Of All Alcoholic Behavior
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Just like thinking about alcohol does not necessarily mean you have a craving for it, thinking about an ex does not necessarily mean you want to get back together with them just because you think about them.

If drinking alcohol is a significant part of your daily routine, then it is inevitable that you will give some thought to the subject.

Every one of us has formed a personal connection with the activity or object that brings us happiness.

We look at alcohol like a friend.

That is, until they turn against us and betray us.

At that point, it is necessary for us to make some progress.

A habit is something that comes naturally to humans.

It’s not like you’re craving alcohol just because you’re thinking about it.

You are doing so because it is ingrained in your routine to do so.

You’ve made it a routine to consume alcoholic when you’re feeling low and feeling high.

Now might be the time to practice drinking water when you think about alcohol.

The majority of people are concerned about something known as the pink cloud.

“I am making a lot of progress, and I am feeling fantastic. It’s about time I had a drink”.

Most people who have problems with alcohol have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

“I feel so good. If it’s good enough to drink”.

Then the alcoholic behavior starts all over again.

You aren’t really thirsty for alcohol...

You are seeking peace.


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